Deltronics is the brand leader in the production of panels led realized with plates led of high quality.

Deltronics realizes led panels for internal and external applications of any dimension.

Strongly of the twenty-year experience in the field of led technology, Deltronics is set on the market as a cycle firm complete: it plans, produces, installs and it gives assistance for led panels of elevated quality and reliability.

The LedWall, known as widescreen, is the good tool for the dynamic communication because perfectly visible in full solar light.

Brightness and contrast of the images transmitted by the led screens involve the audience in spectacular way communicating strong feelings.

In these last times the led forms has had a rapid evolution thanks to the technology and at the same time to the lowering of the costs of the materials of the plates led.

The Deltronics screens are perfectly visible to the solar light and also from brief distances. Our more important point of strength resides in our "custom" services which offers support to the customer in the choice of the perfect product, in financial solutions, up to the services post sale of assistance and servicing.

In the selections of our products, it assumes a particular substance the VideoInsegna®, a new technology patented by Deltronics. The VideoInsegna® is the first bright sign of led, full colour that has an electronic display to varying message that easily makes a recognizable commercial activity in the city panorama.

Today Deltronics is partner of firms of different sectors that has chosen widescreen led, widescreen, advertising display, totem led, insignias led, banner led and digital scenic design to increase the value of the proper brand and to increase the proper business.

Submitted to Deltronics: it will be the ideal partner for your project of Digital Signage.