Digital Signage

Digital Signage

All the products Deltronicses are update in real time, also from remote. With the software "Deltronics Studio" and a connection internet is possible in simple and intuitive way to create a real television channel

The Range Deltronics is certified for applications of Digital Signage, the new frontier of the communication.

The competition of the global market asks for the use of innovative means to communicate more and more and get close to the client, to fascinate the consumer and to drive I pour him/it his/her own choice of purchase.

Display and monitor of various dimensions are populating more every day the spaces that were busy before from the traditional poster and insignias, going to also conquer new spaces, where the billboards had not arrived yet.

The communication has found in the last five years one technological-digital evolution of his through the Digital Signage (literally Digital System of signs): thanks to a connection internet is possible to manage more screens even if physically in different places, centralizing the informative and advertising contents having at the most the possibility of target his/her own messages.

Through the functional connection of which the whole range is gifted it is possible being to insert any product Deltronics in a net existing Digital Signage already.

With the products Deltronics and with an any connection internet is possible:


  • To centralize: control happens from an any posting web.
  • To adjourn: the transmitted contents change with tall frequency.
  • To personalize: every posting can transmit contained devoted to the target.
  • To make faster: it decreases the interval among the creation / posting in how much it is adjourned in real time.
  • To economize: zero expenses of production of presses, reprints, distribution and posting.
  • To widen: it is possible to add other postings without replacing nothing for the preceding ones.
  • To involve: you/he/she can be interacted unloading file on his/her own mobile device.
  • To excite: the image dynamic transmitted capture, influence and it motivates the clients.

    Deltronics is the ideal partner for your project of Digital Signage.
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