Financial Solution

Financial Solution

Financial solution in the choice of a supply I am a fundamental lever for the firms that have need to maximize liquidity and flexibility.

Deltronics has widened his own offer also combining to the Financial Leasing the solution of the Operational Rental, the solution it is ideal for that clients that want "to use the product without unexpected expenses and without being owners of it."

The "Operational Rental" it is an operation to middle / long term more and more chosen by the firms that they don't intend to hock financial (initial investment, unexpected costs) resources and human resources for the management (assistance and maintenance).

Deltronics has united the fiscal advantages of the rental with the benefits of the program "Deltronics Care" through an only comprehensive canon of:


  • Use of the product Assistance On Line / On Site 
  • Maintenance with exchanges Policy theft / fire.
  • Updating of the contents (option)


  • The fiscal advantages offered by the Operational Rental are:
  • Any Account deducible Canons entirely in a period that can fiscally be briefer than that least anticipated from the Leasing.
  • Possibility to use his/her own capitals that so you/they are not immobilized Resolution problem of the "cash flow" (budget vs liquidity and certain costs) 
  • Any unexpected expense (insurances, maintenances, disposal etc.) 
  • The budgets are more "light" thanks to the assets in load to the financial one.


  • Deltronics offers a contract of varying duration with different options at the end of the rental:
  • To replace the product with a new product.
  • To prolong the rental to a reduced canon maintaining the product.
  • To ransom the product with a least figure.
  • To make the product.
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