Deltronics Care

Deltronics Care

Our strength is the service "custom": from the consultation in the choice of the product, to the financial solutions, up to services post sale of assistance and maintenance.

Deltronics is set on the market as a cycle firm complete: it plans, it produces, it installs and it furnishes assistance on the whole international territory.

Planning and checking the inside cycle of production Deltronics guarantees the effectiveness of the interventions of assistance and the sure availability of the exchanges post sale.

The products are covered by a 24 month-old guarantee and in more, without any additional expense, the assistance on line / on site for the first six months from the date of the installation.

For the most demanding firms the program has been developed "Deltronics Care", more than a simple proposal of extension of the conventional guarantee, in fact it protects the investment and it preserves from unexpected managerial and financial.

Thanks to a programmed maintenance developed by our specialized technicians you/he/she can be counted on a punctual service and highly professional of functional verification, is of usury and cleaning of the product.

Undersigning the program "Deltronics Care" you can profit of innumerable advantages assuring the maximum functional efficiency to the product and therefore to protect your investment.


  • Programmed maintenance: periodic technical interventions to guarantee the functional efficiency of the product reducing to the least one the risk of unforeseen event and therefore prolonging the good operation of it.
  • Free assistance: any cost of manpower won't be debited on line / on site.
  • Any fixed right of call: in case of intervention any amount must not be corresponded related to the "fixed right of call."
  • Anomalies: in case of a comparison of any anomaly he handles to restore the normal functionality.
  • Discounted exchanges: in case of necessity, the substitution of a damaged component will happen with guaranteed exchanges to the one discounted price.
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